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Narrative description of Project: The project scope included providing design and construction supervision for Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). The project was funded by the Committee for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) which is US based Philanthropic Organization. PPAF was assigned the overall management of the project and implementation partners included Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO), Community Uplift Program (CUP) and National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) were assigned responsibilities for constr...
Approx. value: US$ 450,000
Duration:1 May 2007 to 1 Aug 2008
Client:Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Islamabad
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: Through the World Bank’s Water & Sanitation Program (WSP), AiD was assigned to implement the pilot project for the development of a water and sanitation strategy in the D.I.Khan district of KPK Pakistan. The chief objective of the strategy was to demonstrate mechanisms for improving municipal services to the poor under the Local Government Ordinance 2001. The W&S strategy was to present a viable and replicable model to the Government of KPK in the provision of water and sanitation facilities at th...
Approx. value: US$ 8,000
Duration:1 Mar 2004 to 1 Nov 2004
Client:The World Bank (WB) - WSP
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: The feasibility study stage of the Malakand Rural Development Project, to be implemented in the selected areas of Malakand Division, was funded by ADB through a technical assistance program (ADB TA No. 2604-PAK) to the Government of NWFP. MRDP is a community based rural development project that aims at poverty reduction, income enhancement, and improving the living standards of the rural population in the project areas. These objectives are proposed to be met through various measures including: Improve...
Approx. value: US$ 20,000
Duration:1 Nov 1996 to 1 May 1997
Client:Asian Development Bank
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: The project scope included the planning, design and management for infrastructure works and community development. This was undertaken in 55 rural and urban communities across the 7 divisions of KPK. The project aimed at providing basic infrastructure in the following broad areas:  Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage  Roads and Streets  Women Development  Health and Hygiene Awareness Building  Training Program of Community Level Description of actual services pro...
Approx. value: US$ 550, 000
Duration:1 Aug 1996 to 1 Dec 1998
Client:Overseas Project Corporation of Victoria (OPCV)-Melbourne-Australia (Lead Firm)
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: Barani Areas Development Program, phase II (BARANI-II) - a technical assistance program, was an extension of the ongoing Barani Phase-I multi-sector area development project funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila. The project envisaged the poverty reduction and socio-economic development of rain-fed agricultural areas of NWFP through project interventions in various areas by developing & using community-based and participatory approaches/ management models. Major project activities focused on:...
Approx. value: US$ 123,168
Duration:1 Aug 1999 to 1 Feb 2000
Client:Barani Development Office-SDU-PE&DD-GONWFP
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: The project works with 57 communities in Jamrud and Mullagori of Khyber Agency and FR Peshawar through NGO-partners or the facilitating partners. The FP supports the communities in successful participation on the CDF .Besides community mobilization formation of a community based organization and the implementation of a first QIP, the NGO- also provides training and support in identifying and prioritizing needs. One CBO represents between 50 to 300 households of one village. Description of actual services...
Duration:1 Nov 2012 to 1 Jun 2013
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: Funded by the US and Government of KPK, the project scope included the design and construction supervision of 151,000 sq ft Joint Elite Police Training Centre. The total project cost was PKR 743 Million. The envisaged Elite Police Training Center was likely to become a national and regional hub for elite force anti-terrorist and specialized mission trainings. The key components of the project included: Multi-storey barracks and residential quarters  Design and construction supervision of water s...
Approx. value: US$ 232, 000
Duration:1 Nov 2010 to 1 Dec 2013
Client:Police Department- Project Coordination Unit (PCU)- KPK- Pakistan
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: The scope of the project included: Installation of Solar AC and DC Pumps for 47 number of drinking water supply schemes geographically stretched across FATA. Installation of Solar Panels along with complete civil works and provision of associated accessories at multiple sites. Testing, commissioning and limited operations. Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: As a subsidiary of AiD Pvt. Ltd, AiD Tech was responsible for leading the project. Our team e...
Approx. value: PKR 76.9Million
Duration:1 Jun 2013 to 1 Dec 2014
Client:Kareem Enterprises (KE) - KPK under FATA Development Authority.
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: The project had 5 parts, covering the following  Part 1: Institutional Development Component – FHA Component  Part 2: Provincial Highway Component (212 km, covering 4 contract packages) – FHA  Part 3: National Highway Authority Component (210 km, covering 5 contract packages)  Part 4: Rural Access Roads – Package A (Design 290 km, Review 60 km, Supervision 350 km) –W&S Department  Part 5: Rural Access Road – Package B (Design 310 km, Review 40 km, Supervision 350 km...
Approx. value: US$ 300,000
Duration:1 Dec 2005 to 1 May 2010
Client:Asian Development Bank (ABD) Highway Authority (FHA) KPK
Status: Completed
Narrative description of Project: The project consisted of Construction Supervision of a network of Roads in Arang, Barang and Ambar Valleys of Bajaur and Malakand Agency located in the tribal areas bordering KPK. The Project was a part of five years integrated BADP funded by the US Government through Narcotics Affairs Section of the US Embassy. The toal length of the road under this project was 75KM. Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: AiD services ranged from managerial to technical. Included...
Approx. value: US$ 185,000
Duration:1 Oct 1995 to 1 Jan 1997
Client:Communication & Works Department- Government of KPK- Pakistan
Status: Completed