WSSCM Baseline Development

WSSCM Baseline Development

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Conducting survey to identify all fixed, moveable and above-ground assets of water supply, sewerage and solid waste with suitable sampling of below-ground assets of WSSCM, labeling and codifying each assets articulating necessary information, such as detailed asset description. Preparation of comprehensive assets inventory and development of GIS based management system. 

Description of actual services provided by your staff within this assignment:

Carrying out baseline survey with key focus WSS, Sewerage and Drainage and Solid Waste Management systems as outlined below:


  1. Water Supply System: Identification GIS based location of, diameter, type of material and, where known, age of all water mains, all valves – air valves and washouts- with assigning a reference number to each and cross referencing to the table/database with all relevant information, reservoirs, Tube wells, filtration plants. Assess physical condition of existing tools/machinery/equipment for effective operation and maintenance of tube well based water supply system.
  2. Sewerage and Drainage System: Identification GIS based location of all drains (completed and under construction), visible manholes, major junctions (sewerage and drains) articulating all relevant detail/information. Determining existing utility lines (Water supply, PTCL, Gas, etc) passing through drainage system and developing of/presentation on GIS maps.
  3. Solid Waste Management: Identification of GIS based location of all existing transfer points and containers locations. Determining/documenting number and capacity of secondary collection points on GIS maps. Reviewing and assessing physical condition of existing machinery, equipments, vehicles, prepare inventory report and propose needs for referenced additional assets (machinery/equipment/ vehicles) for effective operation and maintenance of Solid Waste Management system.           

Name of Client: 

  • WSSCM Mardan

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

August 2018 to January 2019

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 137,795


  • Mardan


Mardan KPK