AiD Pvt Ltd has further strengthened its environmental portfolio by acquiring a specialized firm operating by the name of Area Development and Management Consulting (ADMC), a dedicated "Environment" Division now operates under a full time Senior Director who brings two decades of experience in Climate Change, DRM and Environmental Management.

The principal aim of “Environment Division” is to protect and manage environment and Natural Resources for improved livelihoods on sustainable basis under the changing socio-economic and climatic conditions. It provides consultancy services related to environmental management, climate change, and disaster risk management. The division also provides consultancies for conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity, natural resources, agricultural and rural livelihoods.

  1. Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources: Agriculture/food security/ Farming Systems Development; Water Management; Dry land management; Forestry/ agro-forestry (afforestation, social forestry); Sustainable pasture management; Biodiversity/ Agro-biodiversity conservation and management, and eco-system based adaptation.
  2. Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation: Climate Change Scenario development at local level; Climate Change vulnerability and  impact assessment (rural and Urban); Community perception surveys on Climate Change Adaptation for agriculture, water and natural resource management; Stakeholder analysis and community sensitization/ preparedness for REDD+; Carbon Finance/ community based CDM projects identification; Climate Change awareness, capacity building, institutional strengthening, policy and planning.
  3. Disaster Risk Management: Field implementation of large livelihoods/ DRR projects; Hazard Livelihoods and Vulnerability Baselines and Contingency Planning; Hazard Mapping and DRM Plans; Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) including Emergency Response Capacities/preparedness, early warning system; Capacity building of community and field staff in DRR structures (check dams/ protection walls, slope stabilization, gabions); Multi-purpose Plantations/ bio-engineering disaster risk reduction measures; Strengthening of institutions, policy development and planning.

The Environment Division functions under the leadership of Dr. Syed Sajidin.

List of Main Specializations

a) Climate Change

  1. Climate Change vulnerability Assessment & Scenario Analysis
  2. Climate Change adaptation & Climate Change Policy Support
  3. REDD+
  4. Capacity Building

b) Disaster Risk Management

  1. Hazard and Vulnerability Mapping
  2. Disaster Preparedness for emergency response
  3. Early Warning Systems
  4. Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)
  5. Emergency response and rehabilitation
  6. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  7. DRM policy support
  8. Capacity Building

 c) Natural Resource Management

  1. Conservation and Sustainable Management of Biodiversity
  2. Valuing biodiversity and natural resources
  3. Agriculture, forest and water management
  4. Capacity Building

d) Environmental Management;

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment
  2. Environmental policy support
  3. Waste Management