Social and Technical Surveys for the School Construction and Rehabilitation Program (SCRP) – Phase I & II

Social and Technical Surveys for the School Construction and Rehabilitation Program (SCRP) – Phase I & II

Narrative description of Project:

The SCRP Programme aims to provide quality infrastructure through both additional classrooms and, to a smaller extent, through addressing deficiencies in existing facilities subject to approvals from both the respective provincial governments and the local communities.

The ultimate objectives of the Programme are to:

  • Improve
  • enrolment, retention and attendance, with special focus on female education,
  • Reduce the student dropout rate,
  • Facilitate upgrades and/or additions of missing facilities to improve the infrastructure of present schools,
  • Incubate a sense of ownership among PTCs and School Councils, the community and Education Officers,
  • Enhance the learning and teaching environment; and
  • Sustain the above to contribute towards Pakistan’s achievement of the sustainable development goals, with a particular focus on Goal 4: to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities”.


Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

Social survey:

  • Baseline surveys - quantitative and qualitative
  • Data on students’ enrolments (gender-disaggregated)
  • Perceptions of the parents/ communities regarding schools’ infrastructure
  • Focus Groups Discussions (FGDs) with key stakeholders
  • Satisfaction level of students and teachers with current learning environment
  • Periodic performance and impact assessment surveys
  • Monitoring and verification exercises, case studies/ success stories

Start Date: 

2015 to 2016

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 234400


  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Name of Client: 

  • IMC Worldwide

Duration of assignment (months): 


Person-months of the assignment: 

430 mm

Name of senior regular full time employees: 

  • Team Leader – Ijaz Rizvi
  • Project Coordinator – Shad Khan
  • Senior Civil Engineer – Malik Ahsan Gulzar
  • CAD Supervisor – Rija Muzammil
  • District Supervisors – Hammad Khan (Abbottabad)
  • Imad Jan (Chitral)
  • Zeeshan (Haripur)
  • Shad (Mardan. Nowshera)