School Construction and Rehabilitation Program

School Construction and Rehabilitation Program

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Project Scope

This was a multi-disciplinary activity calling for engineering and social sector services in the execution of SCRP program.  SCRP aimed to address the unmet needs of the education sector in KPK and Punjab through a participatory process. The overall objective of this activity was to improve the "education outcomes" through improvement and up-gradation of the physical environment of schools. Together with other initiatives, including a focus on

the community/school governance structures such as the PTCs and school councils and the district based education establishment, SCRP facilitated improvements in the learning and teaching environment thus contributing to Education sector goals of reducing the dropout rates and enhancement in enrolment, particular1y for gir1s. The SoW involved performance of various technical services like carrying out different type of survey tasks to gauge physical of structure of targeted school buildings.



In order to provide required services, following is detail on tasks performed by the firm.

 Social Survey

•           Baseline surveys - quantitative and qualitative

•        Data on students' enrollments (gender-disaggregated)

•        Perceptions of the parents/ communities regarding schools' infrastructure


•        Focus Groups Discussions (FGDs) with key stakeholders

•        Satisfaction level of students and teachers with current learning environment

•        Periodic performance and impact assessment surveys

•        Monitoring and verification exercises, case studies/ success stories


Engineering Survey

•        Topographical and geotechnical survey

•        New build and refurbishment

•        Single and multi-story buildings

•        RCC, Steel and Masonry structures

•        Prefabricated building components

•        Load bearing and framed buildings

•        Universal Access- rails, ramps, handles etc.

•        Plumbing and electrical works


Name of Client: 

  • IMC Worldwide

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

March 2015 to September 2015

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 100,000


  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa