Our Team

Our Team


Mr. Abdul Rashid Khan (CEO)
As the founding Director of AiD Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Abdul Rashid Khan has managed the company's growth since inception. He is the recipient of a "gold medal and Quaid -e-Azam award" for his academic performance in under­ graduate work for his BSc. Civil Engineering degree from the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar. He subsequently completed his MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana­ Champaign, USA, one of the leading Universities in the World. As accomplished leader, Mr. Rashid has diversified interests and capacities that now span a wide range of development work in the "Engineering and Social sectors.

He brings over 20 years of diverse experience in Planning, Design, Implementation, Management and Evaluation of multi-sectoral Development projects. Over the past ten years he has provided extensive technical and management support to large bi-lateral and multi-lateral clients including the World Bank, USAID, UNDP, IFAD, ADB, SDC and DFID. The diverse work experience has led to a high level of exposure and experience in cross cutting issues in institutional development/capacity building, social development, gender and the environment.

He brings a demonstrated management capacity; strong multi-sectoral background, interpersonal skills, effective oral and written communication skills, and proven track record of high quality work. Working in senior positions, Mr. Rashid has had an extensive exposure to policy level work in the public sectors and donor environment; and is fully familiar with all aspects of development planning, implementation and program management. He has lived and worked in the US, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and East Africa and has played a key role in the planning and implementation of major development projects in Pakistan.

Mr. Rashid has closely worked with multi-sectoral teams of international consultants, policy makers in the public sector, development practitioners in the civil society as well as local communities. He has also led and supervised large teams of professionals in the public and private sectors and has successfully administered large projects. Having worked at senior levels, he is fully familiar with national and international practices in development, the policy and institutional context in a number of countries as well as the unique challenges of working with Pakistani institutions. Mr. Rashid's international experience includes a multi-year assignment in the United States and several short term Evaluation I project assignments for IFAD and USG funded projects in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, East Africa, Central Asia I Caucuses and Afghanistan.

Ms. Humaira Rashid Khan (Executive Director Administration/HR)
With a Masters' degree in Public Administration and over 15 years of work experience, Ms. Humaira Khan brings a diverse management and administrative background to the company. She has planned and led successful enterprises and has played a key role in company management, HR policy formulation and administration oversight over the past 10 years. When required, Ms. Humaira has also provided consulting inputs to multiple projects.

As a core resource, Ms. Humaira ensures HR and administrative oversight through appropriate policies; best practice SOPs and guidelines that are updated on need basis. In her role as the "Executive Director" for HR and Administration, Ms. Humaira has played a key role in ensuring a robust business growth while managing the day today activities of the company.

 Mr.ljaz Hussain Rizvi (Director Operations & Business Development)
With a B.Sc. Engineering degree from the US, and over 20 years of work experience, Mr. ljaz Hussain Rizvi brings a strong public and non-governmental background to the company. His key strengths include multi-sectoral project management experience and a diverse range of technical expertise covering Rural Livelihoods Development, Community Based Natural Resource Conservation and Agriculture Engineering.

As one of the founding Directors of AiD Pvt. Ltd. he helped establish and run the first International subsidiary AIDI, UK. He has relocated from the UK to join AiD as Director Operations and Business Development. In this capacity he has broad responsibilities for quality assurance, business development and strategic management.

In addition to performing oversight and providing overall leadership on all social sector assignments, Mr. Rizvi also continually provides direct technical and implementation support in ongoing projects. He has served as Team Leader and Project Coordinator in multiple multi-sectoral research, survey, monitoring and evaluation and technical assistance assignments. These have included his role as a Team Leader in the Third Party Monitoring of the World Bank’s Governance and Policy Project Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Team Evaluation Coordinator/ Community Infrastructure Specialist for the  Project Completion Report for the World Bank financed $250 million Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Team Leader/ Community Infrastructure Specialist for the Provision of Technical Assistance/ Continuous Audit for Construction of Missing Facilities in Schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Survey Lead for two phases of Bill and Melinda Gates funded Agent Network Accelerator quantitative survey and Evaluation Team Lead for Baseline and Post Assessment for FSP Visibility Campaign Project.

Dr.Syed Sajidin Hussain (Director Environment Division)
With PhD in Agriculture Resource Economics, Master in Applied Economics and MS in Soil Sciences, Dr. Sajidin Hussain has more than 25 years of diverse work experience. His major skills are in programme development and management, strategic planning, policy development, and M&E. He is specialized in climate change (mitigation and adaptation), disaster risk management, natural resource management, environmental impact and Vulnerability Assessment, farming systems analysis and agricultural research.

With Environment sector, Dr. Sajidin is pioneer in establishing climate change - clean development mechanism cell in the ministry of environment, led team in climate change modelling based research, participated in internal policy dialogues on climate change and coordinated on UN disaster risk management portfolio. He has led and worked with multidisciplinary teams under diverse working environments, including UN systems, Government set-ups, international NGOs, and bilateral/ multilateral supported multi-sectors integrated development projects and programs. He conceptualized and managed SDC-WFP funded disaster rehabilitation project in Swat that got international recognition; introduced climate change vulnerability assessment framework for planning adaptation to climate change; drafted one UN assistance framework for ORM; led hazard, livelihoods and vulnerability (HLV) assessments of FAQ for in 10 hazard prone districts; and conceptualized climate forecast application/ early warning systems for communities. He also managed several independent consultancies in its specialized areas of expertise including external evaluations and third party monitoring.

Dr. Sajidin is author/co-author of more than 50 research publications and has drafted/participated/ supervised more than 100 specialized reports.

Mr. Farooq Khan (Director, Special initiatives/ AiD Technologies)
With an MSc in Water and Environmental Management from Water Engineering and Development Center, UK, Mr. Farooq Khan has over 16 years of experience in Planning and Management of Participatory Development projects at the national and international level. He brings extensive experience in Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) sector; planning, design and evaluation of multi-sectoral development programs; strategic planning as well as skills in disaster/emergency preparedness and response planning. Mr. Farooq has lived and worked in Pakistan, Kenya, Zambia and Afghanistan and has provided senior technical and management inputs to a wide range of development projects.

Within the WATSAN sector, Mr. Farooq has pioneered the Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in Pakistan; replicated and implemented the CLTS concept internationally; has helped establish Behavior Change Communication (BCC) concepts; designed and implemented capacity building strategies; promoted public private partnerships (PPP) for hygiene promotion; KAP surveys, monitoring protocols and knowledge based management systems.


Ms. Mehreen Hossain (Director, Social Sectors and Regional Director, AIDI UK)
With a Master's Degree in Environmental Technology from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK and 20 years of work experience, Ms. Mehreen Hossain is an expert policy analyst with a multidisciplinary background in environmental management and social development. Over the past two decades she has worked for international and bilateral agencies, central and local governments, and the NGO sector across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Her expertise includes monitoring and evaluation, social policy analysis, institutional development, decentralization and local government reform and environmental management. She has worked extensively in Pakistan and globally with a range of donors including the World Bank, ADB, EC, and SDC.

As the Director for "Social Sectors", Ms. Mehreen Hossain has broad responsibilities for planning, business development and backstopping then sector Portfolio". As a core team member, Ms. Mehreen has a dual responsibility to also promote international business. In this capacity she works as the designated "Director for UK operations" and actively networks with other associates and partners with interest in the UK, Europe and South Asia markets.

Mr. Malik Ahsan Gulzar (Manager Projects, Engineering & Business Development)
With Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Peshawar, Mr. Ahsan has 10 years of work experience, in several development projects in design analysis, field operations, and quality control/assurance and business development in engineering sector. Over the past decade, he has provided technical support for a range of public sector organizations, USAID, WB and German funded projects in the earth quake zone and KPK, FATA in which he has performed field surveys, community level engagement, environmental assessments, planning, design , supervision and monitoring & evaluation services.

As “Manager Projects" Engineering Sector for AID Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Ahsan regularly contributes to AiD business development portfolio through technical inputs in multiple sectors including water and sanitation, road sector, irrigation and building sector activities. He has dealt with municipal bodies, community led development work, a range of NGOs and several public sector organizations. He has also demonstrated capacity for independent handling of technical assignments; is well versed with computer applications and has good writing skills. He also manages a team of Engineers, CAD staff and other support staff and regularly assists the senior management on need basis.

Mr. Taimur Khan (Manager Social Sectors & Business Development)
Taimur Khan is a development practitioner with more than 10 years of multi-sectoral experience in project planning, management and M&E. He has provided extensive technical and management support to several national and international donor funded projects. Taimur also brings demonstrated experience of proposal development, technical writing and donor reporting. With keen interest in research, he has also worked on numerous research assignments on different socio-economic issues.

With an MBA from University of Liverpool and Computer Science degree from NUCES, his key strengths include diverse technical background, strategic mindset and a demonstrated potential to work under challenging conditions. In the past, he has worked as an Evaluation Specialist with Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), which is the largest Social Safety Net System in the South Asia Region. Apart from supervising the internal and external M&E of both UCT and CCT programmes, he was also involved in both the design and M&E of National Socio Economic Registry Update. In addition, he has provided technical expertise for a range of third party monitoring, validation and verification assignments including World Bank’s Third Party Monitoring Agent for Multi Donor Trust Fund projects.