Mr Syed Subtain Hussain

Mr Syed Subtain Hussain

  • Manager IM/GIS & Data management Specialist

Result oriented professional with 19 years of versatile experience across diverse organizational domains.

Proven ability in rendering Full time and short-term consultancy to EMIS Education Department, School Mapping Consultant, DFID, British Council/Education Department, GIZ/Education Department, WESNet, UNICEF, IRDP, EIROP (UNDP), DAI-USAID, UN-HIC, UN-Habitat, PEPAC, UNDP, Abacus Consulting Technology/USID, Terra Matrix Technologies (TMT) & Associate in Development (AID).

Previous functions as Manager IM/GIS & Data Analyst with United Nation, Pakistan since 2005.

Well versed in MIS & GIS, Geo-database Development, ESRI ArcGIS Desktop/ Web Server, Data Reviewer, MapInfo, Global Mapper, QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Mapublisher, ODK, KoboToolBox, PBI, Tableau, and Web Development/Apps.

Proficient in IM management risk assessment, collation/ analysis of business requirements, conducting the feasibility study, CAPI based Tablet Field Survey and Quantitative data analysis with interactive web Dashboard.

Extensive experience in ArcGIS for Server Web Application and opensource PostgreSQL/PostGIS designing, testing, deployment, data synchronization/migration, and Users permissions management in the production environment.

Experience with quantitative data, such as design and implementation of quantitative surveys as information management expert through mobile app survey development.

Working experience of different disaster in the Information Management and GIS Mapping/Database e.g. Earthquake, Flood, Civil Conflict, Rural/Urban Community Development Mapping and Census in Pakistan.

Optimize resource utilization and manage the day to day project activities in compliance with delivery schedules.

Thematic mapping, spatial analysis, geostatistical techniques, cartography, monitoring & evaluation and training support

 Efficient Team Leader & Player, combining communication, interpersonal & problem-solving skills with analytical, decision making and leadership capabilities to enhance organizational objectives.


Core Competencies:


  • Information Management/Humanitarian/Coordination
  • GIS Software User/implementation/Mapping Analysis
  • GeoDatabase Development/Implement/Management
  • Disaster Risk Management/Data Analysis/App Survey
  • Land/Road Management System Urban/Rural
  • Spatial analysis and Geostatistical techniques
  • Education & Health data analysis for Dashboard
  • Cross Functional Team Coordination