Management and Company Structure

Management and Company Structure

Within the company, major policies are framed and regulated by the Board of Directors, while day to day management and decision making is entrusted to the designated CEO appointed by the BOD. A number of written and unwritten principles steer the company’s work. Among these, the following core principles underpin our entire business:

  • Professional and ethical conduct
  • Uncompromising focus on quality
  • Transparency 
  • Client and end-user satisfaction

Led by the CEO, the core operations are managed by a hierarchy of staff with broad responsibilities. These include business development activities, planning, implementation and assistance with core and project operations scattered across Pakistan and the international markets. 

Our Technical divisions are closely supported by a dedicated “Administration/Human Resources”, “Finance/Accounts” and the “Operations and Business Development” Divisions with cross-cutting roles. In addition, regional and project specific support is extended through our Regional and Project Offices in KPK, Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, GB and FATA. When required, international support is ensured through our affiliate international offices in Dubai, London and Chicago. 

The firm annually inducts short and long term staff for a broad range of projects. However, all project activities are invariably backstopped by our core staff who ensure that the company's values and standard operating procedures are adhered. In addition, professional management systems are in place to ensure the highest standards of service delivery in varying project conditions.

Our core team is adept in a multi-sector work-environment and brings successful implementation experience in all provinces and regions of Pakistan. Successful and on-going experience in the conflict and crisis hit regions of the country have also added significant capacities to effectively manage work in unstable and often risky work environments. 

The company values and consciously nurtures all partnerships that range from young and budding entrepreneurs to large international organizations. Building on the mutual trust and confidence in respective abilities, AiD's professional network now spans many countries and virtually all continents across the globe. Many of our close associates continue to assist and further build our work portfolio and are thus a long term asset for the company’s growth.

Personnel and Company Assets

With 40 permanent staff and over 200 project employees scattered across Pakistan, AiD Pvt. Ltd has steadily grown as a unique Pakistani “Multi-sectoral Consultancy” firm with a diverse portfolio of projects in the “Engineering”, “Social ” and "Environmental" Sectors. Our assets include self owned permanent offices in Islamabad and KPK; a sizeable vehicle fleet; a large equipment inventory; library and conference facilities and immediate access to significant standby credit arrangements with leading national and international banks.  

Operations and Business Development (BD)

A sizeable business development (BD) team brings a diverse experience and understanding of the consulting markets and the technical capacity to effectively plan, strategize and continuously create a pipe line of opportunities at AiD. Our gender balanced BD team includes a number of talented young professionals with graduate degrees from the “Best Educational Institutions” who serve as the company’s backbone and also our strongest asset. Their core strengths range from strong networking skills; research and technical writing to organizational development and Quality Assurance (QA).  

The team is further supported by well-equipped resource centre, latest information technology and SOPs that help guide day to day work. 

Finance and Accounts

The finance team comprise of several qualifies professional responsible for implementing the finance/accounting policies and procedures; annual company budgeting; operational budgeting for all contracts; financial discipline and compliance; oversight of the company and project accounts; internal audits; and the generation of mandatory financial statements and progress reports . 

The team is at the heart of AiD operations and also actively assists with business development; financial proposal preparation and other critical tasks on a regular basis. Our core staff bring a solid organizational, project finance and account management experience from a number of projects and sectors in the private and public sectors and thus uniquely qualified to assist with AiD’s work.

Admin, HR and Security

A sizeable Admin and HR team includes a range of staff who bring long years of experience and capacities to assist our core and very diverse project operations. As “core resources” the company heavily relies on the team for day to day management and oversight of all business activities.

Our team of highly motivated professionals include young male and females with varied backgrounds in “business administration”, “HRD” and other disciplines. The team has been instrumental in ensuring continuing improvements of personnel policies, effective administrative support and maintaining an attractive work environment that is appreciated by a satisfied workforce. Regular updates of Admin/HR policies increasingly focus on international best practices covering employee’s safety, welfare, wellness and health. The team also conducts training workshops and other events to continuously motivate and upgrade staff capacities on a regular basis. 

External Audits

Annual external audits of AiD Pvt. Ltd are ensured through leading “Chartered Accountancy” firms of the country, while internationally hired “auditors ensure mandatory audits for AIDI UK and the AID LLC USA.