Focus Group Discussions for the Development of Parental Involvement Tracker

Focus Group Discussions for the Development of Parental Involvement Tracker

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Project Scope

DFID Pakistan wished to develop a Parental Involvement Tracker as one of its primary instruments for evaluating the Transforming Education in Pakistan programme. The Tracker would use a basket of five proxy indicators for parental involvement in education as the basis for measuring progress, on a bi-annual basis, towards meeting the following programme outputs:

  • Media enables parents to hold teachers, schools, politicians and governments to account for their failure to deliver quality education for all.
  • Civil society is mobilized to demand education reform.


Tracker data was gathered through the insertion of five questions (one per indicator) into DFID's large-scale household survey in Punjab, KP, Sindh, and a specially commissioned survey of circa 1,000 households in Balochistan.


AiD worked with DFID in testing the proposed set of parental involvement indicators in advance of the baseline research by commissioning a range of focus groups with parents, drawn from across Pakistan. The purpose of the focus groups was to gather high quality information from parents on the proxy indicators that DFID Pakistan would use in its Parental Involvement Tracker. AiD also assisted DFID in the development of indicators/questionnaire for the baseline wave of research.


Key Staff Engaged

  • Team Leader
  • Senior Researcher
  • Coordinator KP

Name of Client: 

  • Department for International Development (DFID)

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

February 2012 to March 2012

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 38,522


  • Pakistan