FATA Capacity Building Program (FATA CBP), Phase 1

FATA Capacity Building Program (FATA CBP), Phase 1

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The  purpose  of  the  technical  assistance  (TA)  was  to  assist  with   the implementation of the USAID funded FATA Capacity Building Program (CBP) Phase I.

The program targeted all the institutions of “FATA” and mainly focused on:

  • Develop strategic approaches to utilize the anticipated  significant increases in GoP and donor resources expected as a result of the FATA Sustainable Development Program (FSDP)
  • Support  the  building  of  civilian/paramilitary  cooperation  in  FATA
  • development
  • Build capacity of FATA institutions to plan, implement and manage funds, to communicate effectively with constituents/communities, to ensure that development initiatives were aligned with local needs and expectations
  • Strengthen the capacity of the indigenous NGO community to deliver resources in support of strategic plans


AiD Pvt. Ltd. was a key KPK-based partner for all aspects of the program, and actively supported the lead firm with project proposal preparation,  contract negotiations  and  program  delivery. AiD  fielded  virtually  all  of  the  senior Pakistani positions including the Director for Institutional Development, M&E Specialist, the Community Development Specialist, other Sector Specialists and M&V staff based in the tribal agencies.

Key Staff Engaged:

  • Planning and Institutional Capacity Building Director
  • Agency Level Strategy Specialist
  • NGO Specialist
  • Community Development Specialist
  • Livelihoods Specialist
  • Economic Sector Specialist
  • Health Sector Specialist 

Name of Client: 

  • Development Alternatives Inc (DAI)-US (Lead Firm)

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

January 2008 to December 2010

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 5.1 Million


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