End Term Evaluation of Pakistan Domestic Biogas Programme (PDBP)

End Term Evaluation of Pakistan Domestic Biogas Programme (PDBP)

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Project Scope:

PDBP was an Embassy of Netherlands (EKN) funded 4 years program implemented in Central Punjab with the technical assistance from SNV and Winrock lntemational. The program was initiated in November 2009 and was concluded on December 31, 2014 with one year no cost extension. Initial target was to support PDBP-fostered and trained private Biogas Construction Companies (BCCs) and to install 14,000 biogas plants. The Medium Term Review, conducted in August 2012, suggested that this target be revisited in light of experiences gained. Subsequently, the programme completed the target number of 5,360 plants. Initially, PDBP targeted four districts, and over time expanded it to 12 districts of Punjab.


RSPN commissioned the Final Term Evaluation (FTE) to Associates in Development (AiD) as an independent third party with the objective to evaluate the project outcomes and processes for ensuring accountability toward stakeholders and document the key lessons.


The FTE applied conventional OECD (DAC) criteria to assess relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and immediate impacts of PDBP. A team of senior sectoral specialists carried out qualitative data collection using focus group discussions and semi­ structured interview tools with key informants and various stakeholders. Quantitative information was obtained and used from the available PDBP reports. A comprehensive FTE report was developed by the AiD team which noted the hindering and contributing factors of the PDBP program towards achieving its objective of developing a sustainable domestic biogas market in the target area.


Key Staff Engaged

  • Team Leader/ Agriculture & Environment Specialist
  • Sector Development Specialist
  • Renewable Energy Expert
  • Gender Expert
  • Project Coordinator

Name of Client: 

  • Rural Support Programs Network (RSPN) Embassy of Netherlands (EKN)

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

September 2014 to December 2014

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 35,998


  • Pakistan