Development and Operationalization of MIS-based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Implementation Plan for WSSCM

Development and Operationalization of MIS-based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Implementation Plan for WSSCM

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Water and Sanitation Services Company Mardan (WSSCM) was established as a corporate entity in 2015 with the key objective of improving access to safe, adequate and sustainable water and sanitation services in urban areas of Mardan. In this regard, Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) provided a grant to WSSCM ‘to improve governance, strengthen system and plug capacity gaps leading to sustainable operations and enhanced access to urban population especially urban poor’. In addition to other required improvements, WSSCM identified the need for institutional strengthening in the area of monitoring and evaluation. This was to be achieved through establishment of a comprehensive organization-wide M&E Framework and Implementation Plan including a Management Information System (MIS) which autmoizes field-based data collection and reporting to help make timely and evidence-based decisions.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

As part of the M&E framework & implementation plan development process, AiD team performed a landscape analysis exercise and reviewed M&E systems utilized by similar entities across KP and Punjab including WSS Peshawar, SWMC Lahore, WASA Faisalabad, WASA Lahore, Rawalpindi WMC and WASA Lahore. In parallel, a gap analysis of WSSCM’s existing institutional systems and capabilities was carried out. Based on the findings of institutional systems review and landscape analysis, a draft M&E Framework was developed with a comprehensive logical framework and verifiable Key Performance Indicators covering all areas/ sectors of WSSCM’s operations. The framework was finalized after a few rounds of joint reviews.


The approved framework was then used to develop progress reporting and monitoring tools for various field and managerial staff. These tools were digitized on a customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The ERP/ MIS provides functionalities of online field-based data collection by various tiers of field and managerial staff, monitoring, complaint registration system, real-time reporting and flagging. After incorporation of findings of piloting of system, the WSSCM team was provided capacity building support through trainings and hand-holding support. The system is successfully being used by WSSCM to monitor the progress and performance of its field staff and in turn deliver quality services. 

Name of Client: 

  • Water and Sanitation Services Company Mardan

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

October 2018 to February 2019

Approx. value of the contract: 

5,770,700 PKR


  • Mardan

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