Developing Case Studies to Gauge the Impact of Education Reforms at School Level

Developing Case Studies to Gauge the Impact of Education Reforms at School Level

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The objective of the study was to gauge the impact of education reforms at school level across the Punjab Province, with particular emphasis in Southern Punjab. The study focused on eight areas of investigation which are also the key thrusts of Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme, namely physical facilities, enrolment, student retention, management, governance, teachers, quality of teaching, learning achievements, child friendliness and community participation. The sample consisted of 50 schools, selected with keeping in view the rural-urban divide for both girls and boys schools (primary to high school level).


The exercise consisting of a detailed analysis of educational governance and management in primary, middle and high schools in Punjab included a general assessment of the physical infrastructure as well as material  and human resources. All ten interventions were covered in structured interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs) with the school management, school management committees  (SMCs),  teachers,   students,  parents  and  drop  outs.  More specifically,  data  was   collected  to  cover  enrolment,  student  retention, management,   governance,   teachers,   quality   of   teaching,   physical infrastructure,  learning  achievements,  community  participation  and  child friendliness.

The final output of this assignment was a detailed report which included major findings and recommendations based on the 50 schools case studies. These studies highlighted the impact on enrolment/dropout rate, quality of learning and school governance over time.

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  • Team Leader
  • Case Writing Specialists
  • Field Researchers

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  • Inventure Pvt-Ltd-Islamabad-Pakistan (Lead firm)

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May 2010 to July 2010

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US$ 73,488


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