Benzair Income Support Program (BISP) Targeting Process Evaluation (TPE)

Benzair Income Support Program (BISP) Targeting Process Evaluation (TPE)

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Narrative description of Project:

Specifically the remit of the TPE is to:

·         Assess whether BISP and their Partner Organisations (POs) are implementing the Targeting Process following the methodology described in the Targeting Manual and its respective annexes.

·         Provide in-time feedback to BISP on field operations with evidence-based advice as to how immediate improvements can be made.

·         Assess if the targeting methodology and other operations are producing the outputs expected from the targeting process.

·         Make recommendations for procedural adjustments, based on field observations.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

There are four components to the assignment: (i) Assessment of the Targeting Process (Shadowing component); (ii) Assessment of the Data Entry Process; (iii) Assessment of the Payment Process (Case Studies on Payments); and (iv) Assessment of Grievance Cases (case studies on other grievances).

The TPE, along with the Spot Check assignment is intended to highlight to BISP whether critical processes are being implemented as intended by the Operational Manual- the Spot Check may identify hot spots‟ or areas of deviation, whilst the TPE can explore these in greater depth. Both may feed into each other and the synergies and complementarily are important. Importantly, the TPE is a real time exercise, following processes as they occur and providing feedback at a time when course correction is possible, rather than ex-post. The feedback loops are therefore particularly important. Equally important is the timing of the assignment, as it is critical to be able to observe key processes as they are implemented.

Name of Client: 

  • BISP

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

July 2011 to July 2012

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  • Pakistan

Name of joint venture partner or sub-Consultants, if any: 

GHK Consultants, UK