Baseline Survey in TDP Return Areas of Khyber Agency and SWA

Baseline Survey in TDP Return Areas of Khyber Agency and SWA

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Project Scope

The objective of the baseline survey included gathering data on key indicators, to establish a reference point for performance measurement of the UNDP's interventions in TDP Returnee Areas. This baseline survey was one of the data collection points for measuring the progress against proposed results. It was an essential input for the overall FATA baseline survey to be carried out for the FATA Return and


Rehabilitation Strategy by the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Unit (RRU). UNDP Pakistan engaged the services of AiD Pvt. Ltd. for conducting this survey in Khyber and South Waziristan Agencies of FATA



The primary deliverables of this assignment were conducting a household survey (with 800 sample size), culminating in a Baseline Report analyzing and compiling the findings of the survey. Key tasks undertaken towards this end are as follows:

  1. Joint review and finalization of the structured, coded questionnaire and sampling plan.
  2. Development of a Quality Standard and Quality Assurance plan, as well as field protocols for data collection, including spot checks, back checks and data quality scrutiny.
  1. Recruitment and training of field researchers, supervisors and data entry operators for the assignment.
  2. Development of enumerators' training material and session plans for a 3 day bespoke training session including pre-test and revision of questionnaire).
  3. Development of data entry software with built-in Data Quality Assurance checks.
  4. Administration of Field survey including Enumeration, regular supervision, quality control and correction and post enumeration.
  5. Data Entry (Including data editing, cleaning and post coding) data analysis, and development of draft report as per UNDP format.
  6. Development of consolidated field report and sharing with UNDP.
  7. Incorporation of UNDP Comments, finalization of the report and presentation of the findings.

Key Staff Engaged

  • Team Leader/ Evaluation Specialist
  • Field Surveyors
  • Report Writer


Name of Client: 

  • UNDP (United Nations Development Program)

Project Duration/ Timeline: 

November 2015 to January 2016

Approx. value of the contract: 

US$ 37,962


  • FATA