Social Sectors

Social Sectors

The Social Sectors' team offers comprehensive services for Project Planning, Design and Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact assessments. The portfolio is managed by practicing professionals with several years of national and international experience. All programs have a strong practical orientation thus making our services directly relevant to every day developmental needs.

Our national and international experience demonstrate that sustainable development can only take place if governments and institutions are accountable and responsive; and where local communities including men and women are meaningfully empowered to contribute to planning and decision making at all tiers. Our work is largely shaped by this over-arching vision and also the reason why gender, local governance, participatory development and Institutional capacities have been the central focus in virtually all AiD projects.

Our strong institutional linkages with the private and non-governmental players, research and academic bodies and a number of international organizations offer valuable networking opportunities and a high exposure to new and emerging development trends and best practices.

The portfolio covers the following broad sectors and themes of interest:

  • Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Development Programs
  • Education and Health
  • Rural and Urban Development
  • Small and Medium Enterprises/Micro-finance
  • Gender
  • Local Governance and Decentralization
  • Human and Institutional Development
  • Participatory Development Programs
  • Surveys, Evaluations and Research Studies

The Social Sectors' profile reflects a rich diversity of projects, ranging from design and management of large social sector surveys, policy and institutional analysis to planning, design and evaluation of multi-sectoral development projects and diverse training programs.

Our work spans sector specific technical assistance to integrated poverty reduction and large development projects covering all four provinces, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the Gilgit Baltistan (GB). In addition, the company has assisted the government and selected donors with projects in a number of cross-cutting disciplines covering; Institutional Development, Gender, Local Governance and peace. .

Advocating community-centered and sustainable development solutions, our services emphasize “cost effective”, “efficient” and “appropriate” development alternatives that facilitate wider impact and enhance the effectiveness of national, donor and locally funded programs.

Within each broad sector, the firm typically assists with:

  • Project and Program Planning, Design and Implementation Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Design and Implementation of Surveys
  • Research Studies, Training and Mentoring Programs
  • Special Sector Studies
  • Policy and Institutional Analysis
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessments

The firm relies on a highly experienced team of Social Sectors Specialists including; Sociologists, Economists, Statisticians, Gender and Governance Experts and other professionals included in our world-wide data base of experts. Over the years, the firm has successfully completed a wide range of Design and Appraisals Assignments; Socio-Economic Surveys; Institutional Reviews; Restructuring TAs; Research and Evaluation Studies for multiple clients. Building on international benchmarks, the company brings extensive experience with planning, design, implementation and evaluation of single and multi-sectoral projects.